A story about Two Bucks

Once upon a time there was a consultancy, specialized in React.

Active contributors to numerous open source projects, like Ruby on Rails and NodeSchool. Maintainers of popular Ruby gems, like Airbrake and authors of some popular NPM packages. Recently built a small hobby product with Webtorrent. Helped companies like Rackspace, Airbrake, Toptal and Particle over the years.

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Dino Trojak

When he is not hunted by the evil LinkedIn recruiters, Dino likes to spend his time riding his green race bike or playing some quality board games. In his free time he likes to explore new things and share his knowledge. His current focus is JavaScript.

Hrvoje Šimić

Hrvoje is a Ruby/JavaScript developer with 6 years of experience. He's been working with various US based startups over the years and made some commits to Ruby on Rails core.